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Framed Magazine Cover


2 - 8 x 12" Printed Magazine Covers

One of the covers is framed in an 8 x 12" Premium Wood frame

How to order:

1. Choose one (1) image as the magazine cover picture

2. Headers may be written personally in the space provided or you can shoose to personalise one of the following:

 - TEST DRIVE: The new KZ-454L Assault Vechicle
- 3rd Annual War Games
- 2 Platoon "One of the best"
- The blood, the sweat, the tears... The Victory! Soldier Simon Rig recalls all
- One on One Interview with Adam "The Machine" DOUGLAS
- The Challenge! CONQUERED! Jamie John gives the exclusive


*Price does not include postage

Our Price: $69.05 (ex. GST)